Thursday, 7 July 2016

Colour Change

Thinking of a big colour change? 

Did you have a sudden impulsive moment and dye your blonde locks brown, envious of the girls with shiny brown hair, but now miss being a blonde. Do not fear it is not irreversible. With quite a few hours in the salon chair you could be leaving the salon with those blonde healthy locks once more. 

We have so many ladies coming into see us that have used a box dye, having so much colour build up on their hair, that now every time they dye their hair there is no knowing what the finished colour will be. 

The first step is to come in for a consultation with our experienced stylists, where we can decide the process that needs to be done, most the time we will choose to strip the hair, we like to use COLOUR B4 £9.99 at Boots. This product safely and gently removes permanent, semi permanent hair colour and build up*, preparing the hair giving us a fresh, blank canvas ready for the new colour process.   This may be an all over colour technique,ombre, or incorporating hi-lights, which can be done immediately after the service. 

It is not recommended to do this yourself, as colour stripping can be unpredictable.
Our luxury in-salon treatments,help with replacing proteins and moisture, which can be lost through excessive colour procedures.
We stock and recommend REDKEN products, available to purchase for home use.

*in most cases/successive applications may be required

An example of a colour change done in the salon. The client had been using supermarket box dyes and wanted to go blonde, after 6 1/2 hours in the chair, she achieved a beautiful blonde colour in just on sitting.  
     Another example of stripping colour, in these images you can see  the      colour initially when stripped of the dark brown colour, and  then the finished                                    results!  


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