Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Sleek Straight Hair Dominates The Met Gala 2016

This Years Met Gala there was a flurry of super sleek straight hair styles, shimmering make up and metallic gowns,  And we loved it, finally a hairstyle that is easy to achieve!!! A bit of time and effort and this really is a look that anyone can achieve. 

Products are a must if you want to inject some shine into those locks and a good set of straighteners  to create the sleekness.  

My  must have products for a smooth, sleek, straight blowdry are; 

A paddle brush, I find this is the most easiest hair brush to use as it has a bigger surface area which helps you to control the hair better, this will create a smooth finish paramount for this type of blow dry. 

Ghd Paddle brush £20

Diamond Oil from Redken, adds shine, reduces blowdry time, and the light weight texture means its great in all hair types. £32.50

Sheer Straight, is a lightweight straightening gel thats great for fine hair, adds a weightless shine, and a more manageable straight hair.  £14.75

Shine Flash 02. I always like to finish styles with this great shine spray, The fine mist spray lets you add gleaming shine exactly where you need it, and helps with those pesky flyaway hairs at the sametime. £14.75

Iron Shape 11. A thermal protective spray, that coats the hair prior to using straighteners, protecting the hair from damage. £14.75


Apply your oil and straightening balms into damp hair, working it into the hair concentrating on the mid to the ends of the hair.

Rough dry the hair to about 70% dry using your fingers to part the hair whilst blow drying. 

Next take a section at a time, around 2 inches in width, try not to take to much hair in the brush, as you want to create tension between the hair and the brush, go over each section until 100% dry. and then repeat the process on the next section of hair. 

Once you have dried all of your hair, now is the time to go over with the straighteners, like when you blow dried it, take a section at a time remembering to use your protective spray for each section. 

Finish with the shine spray slap on some shimmering make up, put on your best Balmain Frock (yeh right like any of us have one) and you are ready for your very own Met Gala!


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