Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Flower Crowns

Flower Crowns 

With summer well on its way, it is finally time to put away the dull winter wardrobe, fold away those restricting roll necks and break out the colour. This summer is going to be filled with colour, and your hair and its accessories will be no exception, These flower garlands are easy to create and look amazing. These one of a kind pieces are perfect for that bohemian wedding or an upcoming festival.

To make these simple garlands follow this step by step guide;

Materials needed;
Flexible green garden wire

Florist wire (both items can be bought at DIY stores

Flowers of your choice (you will need foliage to build up the bulk of the garland)

Step 1, Measure the green garden wire around the circumference of your head, secure.

Step 2, Take the foliage and start weaving the foliage around the green wire, building this up with more foliage until you are happy with the depth and thickness of the garland.

Step 3, Choose the flowers that you would like on your garland, trim the stem leaving around 3 inches of stem with the flower, wrap the florist wire around the flower and secure into the garland. Repeat this process as required.

Step 4,   Secure any pieces with florist wire that you feel are not sitting right and WAHLA a beautiful hand made flower garland ready for you to rock! 

If in between working, feeding the children, the dogs, the gold fish, studying, you find that there is not possibly enough time in the day, then check out these beautiful Flower crowns/garlands online that are pretty awesome! 


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Go on realise your inner hippy!! 


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