Friday, 15 April 2016

Break Out The Braids!

Break out the Braids!

Whether we love or loathe them, the Kardashians do know how to start up a trend, and the newest one being Braids. A couple of months ago I would have laughed  at the thought of braiding my hair, like I do for my daughter every day at school to keep the nits at bay. But sometime between then and now, subconsciously seeing the Kardashian's rocking them on every occasion, I have decided that for a day trip or even a night out, this style actually looks amazing.

This is not the easiest look to achieve, and really is, practice makes perfect.

Prepping the hair is very important especially if you have layers, as these can come out of the braid and make it look messy. I have found that the best product to use is Redken Move Ability 05. Take a small amount, warm the cream in your hands and then smooth into the hair. Afterwards brush through to make sure it's evenly distributed.

                                                            Redken Move Ability 05 £10.50

Part the hair into the amount of sections that is required, making sure that the partings are completely straight.  clipping away the hair that is part of the other braid/braids.

We have used the method Dutch plaits to create this particular style, if you watch the video below it will show you how we created this look.

To stop any flyaway hairs spray with a strong hairspray concentrating around the neckline and forhead for those babyhairs.

I also like to finish with a shine spray for added glossiness.

                                                                        Redken Control Addict £11.75

                                                                                  Redken Shine Flash 02 £14.75

Hope this has helped, go on and try it, release your gangster self! 



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